Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Minority Report

You can't switch on a News bulletin or Current Affairs Programme about Scotland without the front loading of the phrase "Minority Government" or "SNP doesn't have a majority" or the more gleeful:"SNP has lost their majority" . They can barely get through 10 seconds of tape without mentioning it.

Since the morning of the 6 May 2016 there's been a rush to rub it in.

Tonight we were treated to Pet Food Pundit Kevin Hague on ITV's Scotland Tonight programme telling us the SNP had a "declining share of the vote".

That is simply not true.

The SNP polled a record number of votes in a Parliament where the voting system was specifically designed so that Labour and the Lib Dems could run cosy coalitions.

On May 5, the SNP polled more votes than any other party in Scottish electoral history - leaving Blair's 1997 record for dust.

Here's Malcolm Bruce boasting how he colluded with Donald Dewar to design a voting system to keep the Nats out.

The can screech minority all they like. We polled over a million votes. More than all the other parties combined.

So when you hear them downplaying our victory, just laugh, because this "Minority" shtick is the only stick that the MSM have to beat us with.

Onwards to Independence Scotland!

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