Friday, May 13, 2016

Are Scots Immunised against Project Fear?

As I listen to the EU Referendum's IN Campaign ramp up Project Fear:

  • You're all going to be poor
  • The Pound will plummet
  • Businesses will leave
  • Cancer Research will stop
  • Trade will be blocked
I sit back and wonder what Scotland will do?

Will it comply and, out of 'fear of the unknown', bow down to the warnings from NATO, the UN, the Bank of England, the IMF, the UK Govt Pamphlets through the door? 
Or is Scotland immune to Project Fear?

The more I hear the IN Campaign use the same tactics (some of them word for word) as they used during the Independence Referendum to deny Scotland her freedom, I'm frustrated, because this is how the NO Campaign went from more than 70% NO to scraping a win by 5%.

These warnings go off like alarm bells when we see them ... 'aahh that's just Project Fear'... which throws up a trust issue with those in the IN Camp. The last thing they need.
Scotland is attuned to Project Fear tactics. We spot the "crying wolf" a mile off. 

Do I want to associate myself with Boris and Nigel Farage? No. But equally I don't want to get handed a diet of "too wee too poor" again from WM people I trust as far as I could throw.

Scotland is attuned to Project Fear tactics. We spot the "crying wolf" a mile off. 

If Scots want to stay in the EU we'll stay. We are immune to Project Fear.

A member of the audience on last night's BBC Question Time programme gave me a Switzerland stance to take. She said that it wouldn't matter whether we were IN or OUT because we'd just adapt and muddle on through like we always do. She's probably right. 

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