Monday, May 23, 2016

Exeunt Omnes

There seems to be a new unofficial Standing Order amongst the Unionist Parties at Westminster.
As soon as an SNP MP gets to his or her feet to speak, there is a mad dash for the exits.

Last week we had the spectacle of the Tory benches emptying the moment Angus Robertson took his turn to respond to the Queen's speech.

So great was the rumpus, that there was a sustained chorus of "Bye Bye Tories" from the SNP benches. The Speaker intervened and asked those leaving the chamber to do so quietly.

After spending 2 years begging us to stay in the Union, the Unionist Parties now seem not to want to hear Scotland's voice at Westminster.

Today when Ian Blackford got up to respond to Jeremy Hunt's NHS speech... they were off again. And so was Jeremy.

These small injustices and slights are just the kind of thing to gather even more support for the SNP in Scotland

Scotland's watching the Westminster Parliament - like a hawk.

We will exit stage left with a Unicorn.

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