Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm in the Independence Business

For those of you who know me on Twitter, you'll understand that I'm in the Independence business.

Labour no more

I like, many Scots, used to vote Labour and I blindly and unquestioningly trusted that they would represent the best interests of Scotland.

My forebears were Labour; The ILP in Scotland and Trade Unionism was our proud heritage. But everything changed with the Independence Referendum. There were incidents and accidents. There were epiphanies too.

These days, no-one in my family is a Labour voter and they will never return to being a Labour voter.

I'll come back to the reasons for the switches later.

Were are we now?

Some of the family have gone Green, but most of us have found a new home in the SNP, moving from being a Labour voter to an SNP member. The SNP is our chosen vehicle to Scottish Independence. It's not about left and right politics. It's a cold hard focus on ending London Rule.

All Unionist parties are a barrier to our goal. It's not that we're not listening to them; It's that we don't like what they are selling.

This focus will not fade or ebb away. It will only intensify as our next generation of family comes through.

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