Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cybernats are my MSM

There it is again. The thrum. The drum.The tut, tut tutting noise.

The tut, tut tutting noise.....
"The dreadful cybernats are going to jeapoardise independence."

The tut, tut tutting noise of 20th century politicos....
"The rabble who demonstrated outside the BBC are bringing the YES movement into disrepute."

The tut, tut tutting noise of people who think MSM is to be respected not questioned.
"It's time Nicola Sturgeon dealt with the anti-media paranoia in her party."

Get a grip of yourselves guys. You're like embarrassing uncles.

Yesterday's tut-tity-tut-tut came from Mr Andrew Collier in his capacity as ex-Comms guy of the SNP.

EX SNP COMMS GUYS TELLS THE CYBERNATS TO STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Embarrassing Uncle

I'm sure you're a nice guy Andy Collier. But you're well out of order. Calling those who use Social Media "at the medicated end of the national cause" is about as embarrassing as it gets... for you.

He goes on....

"Believe me, I know about this stuff. I spent years working in communications for the SNP and the Yes campaign, and it plagued me and others endlessly. It was intensely frustrating to work on carefully building relationships with the so-called MSM (mainstream media) only to see the cybernumpties try and undo it all again."

We are not part of your campaign Andy. We don't pander to the MSM. We question all of it.
The only way that information gets out and about in Scotland is via "cybernats".
Most if not all stories start of as 140 character Twitter gems or as a wee 'perfecto' meme in a backwater of Facebook.

The SNP is not the YES Campaign. Some of the best Independence tweeters belong to no party.
Insulting us on an MSM platform proves to us all you care about is the MSM platform.

And then you have a go at the families who mounted a friendly protest outside Pacific Quay in Glasgow and paint them as if they were an angry mob?

"These angry, bullying and highly negative manifestations of a victim mentality were the very last thing we in the Yes campaign needed just before the most vital vote in Scotland's history. We can only speculate how much damage it did in those last hours in swaying people back towards No".

Everyone that was there - including the cops had a peaceful enjoyable protest.
The Police Officers even had their photos taken with pandas. The protests were well attended and well behaved. The staff at the BBC were waving out of the windows at the Grannies and bairns in pushchairs below. 

You say our attack on lies from the MSM is  "a draining, unpleasant pressure they (journalists) neither need nor deserve". Tut tut tut tut. 

Here's a tiny violin for you Andrew. 

You can play it while we slay unionist MSM lies.


  1. The unparalleled misinformation from mainstream media is a scourge in society. Never should we apologise for being well informed, and that we are, is a blessing brought by better politics in Scotland. Everyone has a voice and everyone should use it, even if it is to decry any misinformation, or, as this article provides, a misunderstanding of what actually has occurred by a spokesperson who misread the signs of perfectly innocent representation. Ok people make mistakes, and while we are happy to point them out, we all need to move on. Scotland has been a shining example that truth is more powerful than lies. Let us have more of that!

  2. Now here's a thing - quite a few things really in Andrew Collier's article but it's nearly my bedtime and I don't want high blood pressure on top of my hot chocolate so I'll try and be brief.

    So, the media is all truth and light then is it ? Well sit me down suddenly with a copy of the Telegraph, but if I recall correctly, it was indeed that very newspaper which couldn't wait to smear Nicola Sturgeon with the false accusations of the #Frenchgate claims (ably assisted by the BBC) having been handed information via the Scotland Office and his Liarship himself, Carmichael of the Falsehoods.

    Strangely, that whole fabrication hit the public without a very simple check-and-balance technique being deployed. One, you might think, that MSM peeps would have had drilled into them at the MSM Peeps Training Academy - the simple trick of Asking Nicola Sturgeon If The Accusation Was True. Oh no, why bother with that eh, important news to get out.....we don't want the star of the story ruining it all by saying it isn't actually true. And the rest is history...very expensive history for Lord Pants on Fire. Fortunately the people who took him to court had lots of friends (many they didn't even know they had) and they paid for their legal expenses.

    So, with that one story alone Mr Collier, I take your aspersions that I am paranoid, using drugs, obsessed and a numpty and I raise you this - there are just too many examples where what you are denying has been proven. By people less insulting than you, so forgive me if I take their advice not yours.

    The other part of your piece I will take up is where you advise the First Minister to send "A firm and unequivocal Stop This Now message" to all of us who dare to question the media and perhaps even criticise it when we think we are being deceived or misled. Interesting.

    As Mr Malky says above, the SNP is not the Yes campaign. So what are you suggesting - that SNP members should be brought into line but everyone else is okay to carry on ? Oooh divisive, I could see my membership card getting binned if that was the case.

    Are you expecting Nicola to dictate to everyone in the YES campaign, even if they are members of other parties (or no party at all)? Hmm, SNP already get pelters (wrongly) from MSM about being a "dictatorship", do you think that would help ? No ?

    What happens if all the YES supporters stop questioning the media but the NO supporters start - who will tell them to stop ? Nicola ? What, is she the boss of everyone now ?

    I've just read your article again and I'm getting confused. I thought we were empowered to speak out, question things, seek out the truth, to break away from Westminster rule - for Scotland to be free. I am concerned that you feel none of us has the intelligence to do that - Mr Collier, you wouldn't be trying to put us back in our box, would you ?