Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The F word

I hate to say it, but I am going to have to use Facebook to get through to the over 50 demographic of Scotland. It's a hotbed of Grannies and Grandpas. Research from says Facebook is the top Social Media site for the over 50's.

I have a natural aversion to Facebook and it's cheesy meme sharing. I canny help that. I'm not a fan of cheesy memes... unless they have raccoons in them... obviously.

Fundamentally. my true reticence to do Facebook forays is because I have friends on there who use it to display their outrageous wealth in the most vulgar fashion and that, gives me the boak.

"Here we are getting 1-2-1 cookery lessons from Tom Kitchin while we sup Taittinger and tomorrow we fly to Norway to see the Northern Lights". I jest not.

Also, I find it quite creepy. I sometimes feel I'm being forced to be someone's stalker as I watch them check in to Morrison's then the 'Old Pig and Whistle' and then McDonald's.

The stats tell me Facebook is where people share the most stuff and, from my reading of "Project Fear" by Joe Pike, it's where the unionists head first to spread their misinformation.


While Twitter is the rapids, Facebook is more of a slow moving backwater of social media and it can take days or weeks for people to get up to date - which means that people are less quickly informed on this platform. Unionist misinformation can hang about for ages.

I'm going to have to get a MrMalky Facebook account for the next push.

It shall have cheesy raccoon memes and it will slay unionist lies.


  1. Crack on loon, we need the grannies

  2. Well Twitter is very bad tempered & facebook is very smug. I take your point about f/book although slowness has it's advantages. I guess we take what we can,where we can?