Monday, September 12, 2016

Sin Bin

In the summer of 2014, my Twitter account was, over a period of four months, 'locked' by Twitter seven times.

I couldn't post, I couldn't access. I was in the sin bin.

The reasons for my being locked out varied from: "suspected spam" to "suspicious behaviour from your account" and one happened just after a complaint from someone who took umbrage at me calling them a "big fibber". 

To find yourself locked out of a social media platform is annoying and perplexing in equal measure. Your 'Grrrr meter' goes off the scale and righteous indignation is your default emotion. 

Sometimes it took me minutes to unlock, other times it was days. Every time it was:

I have never actually had my account suspended, so when I woke up to the news this morning that one of the top 3 political bloggers in the whole of the UK was suspended, I was pretty shocked on his behalf. What had it taken to warrant a suspension?

I often report porn accounts to twitter.

I report racists.

There is nothing on the Wings timeline that I could see that has ever warranted a suspension for Rev Stu.

One thing I do know: The person who instigated the complaint is one of the nastiest members of the NUJ I have ever come across. Far from keeping the values of journalism in her heart, this one tells whoppers for the Daily Express. She's appeared from nowhere. No-one has heard of her. But she has been pouring out anti-Scottish propaganda for the Express for some months.

She has accused 'Wings' of orchestrating a hate attack against her and that she has received death threats. The woman publishes lies every other day in the Express and these are just more lies.

I hope that 'Wings' gets up and running again soon.
Without the "Wee Blue Book" from Rev Stu, we'd be still in the 30% for Yes in Scotland and the MSM would reign supreme. He has taught us to call out the liars. This Express liar must not be allowed to prevail.

The truth will out.

They didn't sin bin Wings. They suspended the account on the request of a freelance journalist with 1700 followers who has been gigging for the Express.

It all sounds a bit dodgy.


  1. He's up and running Mr M.

    One in the eye for the old hack.

  2. The Rev IS now back up and running, you'll be pleased to hear. You're absolutely right in every word you say. This paper has to be THE most hate-filled rag on the High Street and gets away with printing blatantly inflammatory material DESIGNED to incite tensions, even violence on a regular basis, as well as outright lies. All this it does with complete impunity. However as soon as Wings calls it out, the hack in question goes squealing off shouting "help", making up more lies in the process. Typical behaviour of a bully. Her day of reckoning will come!