Friday, September 9, 2016

Four years ago

Four years ago, I was probably like most people: comfortably attuned to my usual radio station and habitually picking up the same newspapers I'd read since the age of 14. 

That was until I heard a Radio 4 "Today" Programme interview that painted Scotland as a "One Party State". It was the then Secretary of State for Scotland (the now disgraced liar) Alistair Carmichael. The phrase "one Party State" popped up four times in a seven minute piece and that was just the interviewer. There was a narrative of hatred towards the SNP that didn't match up with my experience of the SNP.

Four years ago I'd have taken time to look at the headlines on the Newsagent's paper stand. That was until I started noticing the anti-immigrant themes appearing across multiple titles.

I challenged my local Newsagent (who's a Scot from Pakistan) why he was putting these racist papers up for sale? I held up a copy of the Daily Express and said:

 "Ahmed you are selling racists more racism! This paper supports UKIP!" 

He shrugged and smiled sheepishly: 

"They keep sending them". 

Since that conversation, Ahmed now just sets them aside as returns.

Four years ago I bought the Guardian, the Herald, a few copies of the P&J, and Scotland on Sunday.

I was saddened as these titles began debasing their brands by punting out anti-Scottish BritNat propaganda and I ditched them. Their language had become offensive towards anyone that wanted Independence.

Four years ago I would have watched BBC News and let it waft over me.

Now I find myself like the little girl watching the news in the film V for Vendetta

She has a one word reaction to the BBC: "bollocks".

Four years ago, I was like most people: unaware of how biased and anti-Scottish the media were.

I am awake now.


  1. {You and how many millions more Malky?}

  2. " if You feel as I feel then stand with me on year to tod... wait sorry wait ye its next week sorry mixed my dates up, 18th

  3. They are boycotted 100% from this domicile. Well that could be 300% as there are 3 of us. Oh god, JaBa's arithmetic has confused me! Back to the old school quick.

  4. Yes, much like my experience. I now can't believe my eyes were closed all those years up to 2014. I am ashamed that I am part of an 'older' generation who grew up trusting the establishment. Time now to put it right.

  5. I was asked by a BBC R Scot Producer to be interviewed for a prog on BREXIT as someone on the outside of the UK wondering what will happen to me.

    I thought overnight and politely declined telling the Prod that I didn't trust R Scotland any thing in BBC News and Current Affairs anymore. I also didn't listen to BBC Radios or watch their TV ones.

    She quietly and politely accepted my reply